Either President or Times Is Wrong????? What do you think?

Either President or TimesIs Wrong

Both cannot be correct.

2:46 PM, Jun 8, 2012 • By DANIEL HALPER

President Obama at a press conference this morning insisted that high-level national security leaks are not coming from the White House. “The notion that my White House would purposefully release classified information is offensive,” President Obama said.

Obama in Cairo


But a Republican memo from the Senate Republican Policy Committee maintains that either the president or the New York Times is wrong.

“It  would appear the President’s statement and the New York Times  statements directly conflict with each other and cannot both be true at  the same time,” the memo states.

For proof, the memo highlights Obama’s denial that the White House is responsible for the leaks and certain statements in the Times‘s stories.

“If  that statement were meant to serve as a denial that the Obama  Administration leaked classified information, it would appear to stand  in direct contrast to the New York  Times article describing the President’s personal involvement in a process  ‘to designate terrorists for kill or capture,'” the memo states. “One of the opening  paragraphs described the methodology for compiling the story, saying ‘three dozen’ of the President’s ‘current and former  advisers’ were interview sources for the story.”

The memo cites another example that would seem to contradict the president’s statement: “A second story, about cyberattacks on Iran nuclear facilities, citied  discussions with ‘officials involved in the program,’ and went on to say  that program ‘remains highly classified.'”

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