MSNBC Hosts Grieve Over Kucinich Loss In Ohio- Booo hoooo!!! Liberal mourning ?


“That’s amazing,” a shocked Rachel Maddow reacted to the news that Dennis Kucinich lost his primary race on Super Tuesday. Kucinich lost his district after Ohio redrew their Congressional lines, leaving him to run in a nearby district against an incumbent Democrat.
“That means that there’s not going to be a Dennis Kucinich in Congress anymore, which is almost hard to believe. He has been a singular force for his, not only for his ideological position but he’s just been such a character,” Maddow lamented.
“He was the dependable guy with the progressive community. He’ll be missed,” Al Sharpton said.
“He’s a guy that you could always count on when it came to a universal healthcare conversation, or when it came to getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan and also middle-class issues and also he was good on labor,” Ed Schultz said.
Kucinich wasn’t just popular with the MSNBC crowd as Chris Matthews will note.
“Dennis is very popular in these circles, in media circles. We all know him,” the “Hardball” host re

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