Nichlos and David what’s up!!! THe Telegragh!

Did Nicolas Sarkozy snub David Cameron’s handshake at EU treaty summit?

The body language between the David Cameron and French President Nicolas   Sarkozy was tense today after talks ended this morning with Britain opting   out a Franco-German proposal for an intergovernmental European treaty.  At a second gathering of European Union leaders today, Nicolas Sarkozy can be   seen walking towards David Cameron with his hand out. The Prime Minister   raises his hand as if in greeting but as the French President walks on by,   pats him on the shoulder.

The gesture was widely reported as a snub to David Cameron, but others have   pointed out that the pair had already shaken hands moments before. Mr   Sarkozy was making eye contact with a man beyond Mr Cameron, and the Prime   Minister simply let him past.

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