Kate and Will, A Wedding of Dignity and Respect.

April 29, 2011 was a great day for love, marriage and faith.  I attended a ‘Kate and Will’ wedding party on Friday.   It was great fun to watch the pageantry, vows and religious service surrounding the marriage ceremony with friends.   Clearly,  Will felt marriage not just living together was important.  Becoming  a family was important for him.  He followed family/royal tradition after becoming an educated and accomplished adult.  He showed his honor with his military service.  Kate became an educated woman.  Graduating from the University with Will.  She has been a model young adult working and living a respectful life.   The institution of marriage was shown with respect and honor and love.  This  is a time when individuals don’t take the commitment of marriage and family very seriously.    Family and marriage are often portrayed as unnecessary and parents often presented as buffoons.  These notions do not help individuals to mature, accept responsibility for their lives and become productive members of society.    The religious service and vows were amazing.  They showcased scripture, classic music, prayer, faith and tradition.   The bride and groom’s religious faith was an important part of the marriage ceremony.  Christianity and particularly the Anglican Church was on display and provided the occasion with solemnity and tradition and faith.  It was most impressive.  Love, faith and hope for the future ruled the day.  The world watched and I believe was inspired by their love and faith and respect for tradition.    Paula Randant, LCSW  4/30/11

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