By Peyton   1/25/2011

So the President speaks tonight.  Don’t know if I want to listen.  It is hard to want to listen to double speak and platitudes that make some think you’re are doing something that is not what it purports to be.  Investment for spending as an example of double speak.  Obama care the illusion of health care.  Its purpose is to control and limit the care you would like to have if you controlled it.  It is taking a resource (healthcare) and putting it in the government’s control, assessing a tax for it and then telling you, you can not have a certain care or you must wait for the care or you are too old for the care.  It is restriction of freedom, choice and extended life. 

 We have a conundrum.  Our media, our politicians, and social do gooders of the world are passing rules and laws to control how we eat, drive, work, live etc.  Working very hard to for your own good control the choices you make so you will live longer free from illness or injury.  How wonderful of them??  Now the conundrum.  Then they put death panels, administrative groups to decide if you are worthy to be treated, in control of whether you get treated or not and if they deem you are too old to get a knee replacement or don’t have the right habits to get other types of care they deny your care.  So keep me alive longer by controlling  my choices’ in life then find ways to off me when I’m old and cost too much to keep around.

 Makes a lot of sense to me?  Why should I make my own decisions and live with what happens?  Enjoying the pleasures in life?  It, of course, seems they want to take away all the pleasures except marijuana.  Some how that has become the drug of the moment to make available even though it is smoking!

 So confusion abounds? Peyton

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