Ben Franklin on Liberty, Blog

“They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Ben Franklin, 1759

This is my initial Post on my new website  My intention is to have several running pages that focus somewhat on a direction.  The Home page Blog will focus on freedom, liberty, hope, history and politics.  It should be fun and I hope for many comments.  My additional pages will be one on literary, artistic and vocal media.  This might include  books, plays, movies, TV and radio.  I love radio.  Another page will be comments on policy.  This could be current political policy in the US.  It could be policy related to private organizations including religious, charitable, social, artistic, scientific, International and more.  And last but not least will be a Blog page to comment on insanity of the hour or day.  Commenting individuals can also provide this page with crazy, wild, unholy etc. etc. things in the world and shared on some media.

I can’t wait to get started sooo.



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